Our Veterinarians

Dr. Emily Beck


Dr. Beck was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and moved to Illinois when she was 10. She was drawn to the veterinary profession because of all the jobs a veterinarian does in a day—dentistry, surgery, anesthesia, medicine, and more!

Emily attended veterinary school at the University of Illinois. She spent two years at a practice in Illinois before coming to Portland to work at an emergency clinic. She spent her last two years there as Chief of Staff. Now she is a part-time veterinarian for Cornell Center Animal Hospital.

As a vet, Dr. Beck particularly enjoys geriatric medicine for cats. She loves trying to improve their quality of life while keeping them calm and not letting them know anything has changed.

At home, Emily lives with her husband, Steve, and two daughters—one attends Seattle University and the other goes to Lincoln High School. Dr. Beck has a dog named Sophie, and three cats: Mo, Zoe, and Tigger. When time permits between her family and work, Dr. Beck likes gardening and landscaping, as well as cooking and finding new recipes.

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Photo of Dr. Emily  Beck

Dr. Greg Stanchfield


Dr. Stanchfield tried a lot of jobs as a young man—working on boats, a cook, a bus driver, a construction worker—but it wasn’t until he worked on a cattle ranch in Australia that he found his true passion. After returning to the U.S., Dr. Stanchfield knew that working with animals was what he found most rewarding!

Dr. Stanchfield was born and raised in Excelsior, Minnesota. After traveling through Europe, Asia, and Australia as a young man, he returned to the States and enrolled in college. He attended the University of Minnesota for his undergraduate studies, and remained there to receive his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University’s veterinary school in 1983. After working at different clinics for many years, he founded Cornell Center Animal Hospital in 1996, the day after his second son was born!

Every day, Dr. Stanchfield learns something new, and that is what keeps him stimulated. He enjoys learning about new technology and teaching younger people what he knows.

Dr. Stanchfield has been married to his wife Julie for over 30 years. They have two wonderful sons, Jordon and Tristan. They share their home with Wyatt, an Australian Shepherd, and Rascal the cat. As a family, they like to camp, hike, and fish in beautiful National parks.

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Photo of Dr. Greg  Stanchfield