Make Springtime Safe for Your Pet

As spring quickly approaches, we think of blooming flowers, spring cleaning, and milder weather. We also need to think of some safety precautions for our four-legged friends. A Portland veterinarian advises you on keeping your pet safe this spring here.

Spring Cleaning

We tend to clean our houses when the springtime comes—but how often do we think about the products we’re using and their safety for pets? Make sure all cleaning products and chemicals are kept safely out of reach. Seal them properly and put them in a closed or locked cabinet or closet.

Window Screens

You may want to open your windows to let some of the milder air in, but make sure there’s a sturdy screen covering the window. Cats aren’t always as graceful as people think; they can very easily stumble or fall through a window, especially one that has a defective or torn screen. Check your windows to make sure they’re properly screened before you let your cat snooze by them.

Easter Items

We tend to receive and send lilies and chocolates around the Easter holiday. Remember that these items are dangerous for pets—chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs if they ingest it, and lilies are poisonous to cats. Keep these items hidden from your animal companions.

Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides

Gardening season is here, and we might use fertilizers to spruce up our lawns and pesticides and herbicides to maintain gardens. If you’re doing so, keep your dog or cat inside. Should they decide to munch on the grass or a garden plant, they’ll ingest the chemicals, which could be very toxic.

Outdoor Pests

As spring comes, the various critters start to come out of hiding and start latching on to our pets. Set up an appointment with your Portland veterinarian’s office to make sure your pet is up-to-date on his heartworm, flea, and tick preventions.


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