Soothing Your Pet’s Thunderstorm Anxiety

As the summer storms approach, many pets may cower in fear when they hear the rumbling thunder. Pets may even be able to sense air pressure changes and hear different frequencies in thunder, stressing them out even more. If your pet is frightened of summer storms, try these tips from a Beaverton vet:

Safe Zone

Many pets are helped greatly by a simple safe zone: a pet bed, complete with a few soft blankets and a couple of toys, in a quiet, well-secured basement room. When a storm approaches, lead your pet to this area and stay with them there until the storm passes. The comfort and security of the area, combined with your presence there, can make many pets feel much calmer.


Try distracting your pet from what’s happening outside the house. Play games on the floor, using toys and pet treats, and get your pet active. Not only will you be giving your pet great physical exercise, you’ll be taking her mind off of the crashing and booming outdoors! You can also try playing background noise, like music or the TV, while the storm is happening.


With the guidance of your vet, desensitization can work for many animals to get them used to the sounds of a storm. It involves playing recordings of thunderstorms, at a low volume at first, over your stereo or computer and letting your pet hear them. Gradually, the volume is increased. By getting your pet used to the noises in this manner, they can realize that no harm is coming to them and be less frightened when a real storm comes! Consult your vet for more help before trying this technique.

Consult a Professional

If you still can’t seem to lower your pet’s anxiety during summer storms, consult a veterinary professional. Call your Beaverton vet’s office for help. He or she can offer more great suggestions or put you in touch with an animal behaviorist or trainer that can assist you.

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