Pet Safety for Halloween

Halloween and trick-or-treat night quickly approaches—don’t let the holiday turn into a nightmare for you and your pet! Use your Beaverton veterinarian’s safety guidelines, found below, to keep your pet safe from harm this Halloween.

Watch Chocolates

You’re probably already aware that chocolate is very bad for dogs and cats. All varieties of chocolate—including dark, milk, semi-sweet, baker’s, and white—contain theobromine and caffeine, both of which are very dangerous for pets. Since chocolate treats are found in abundance around Halloween, make sure your pet doesn’t get a paw on any.

Watch Candy

Candy and gum is often sweetened with xylitol, an artificial sugar that is highly toxic to pets. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures, so keep the trick-or-treat bowl far out of your pet’s reach. Store all leftover candy, gum, and chocolate treats inside sealed cabinets or closets where pets don’t have access.

Careful with Costumes

Many pet owners like to dress their pet up in their very own Halloween costume. This is fine if your pet doesn’t mind and the costume doesn’t pose a threat, but it’s important to make sure. Some pets get stressed out if they’re wearing too much material. Some costumes might even have small pieces that could be chewed off, leading to choking. Monitor your pet carefully while he’s wearing the costume.

Decoration Dangers

Setting up Halloween decorations like a big fake ghost or spider? Secure any and all wires and electrical cords running to and from these items. Also beware of decorations like pumpkins and decorative corn—they’re not toxic, but could cause an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea if a pet decides to eat a lot.

Don’t Let Pets Escape

There’s a good chance your doorbell will be ringing a lot on trick-or-treat night. Many pets get very excited and could even dart out the open door, so it may be necessary to secure your pet in an upstairs room. Of course, always have your pet properly identified with ID tags, a microchip, or both.

Ask your Beaverton veterinary professional for more helpful Halloween tips.

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