Keep Your Senior Cat in Tip-Top Health

Your 12-year-old cat Sassy still lives up to her name. Sassy is still a gorgeous Persian feline lady who sashays down the hall like she owns the place – which she does, of course. Even though Sassy seems healthy and has plenty of energy, she’s gradually becoming a feline senior citizen with different care needs. For starters, your Beaverton veterinarian can determine Sassy’s nutritional needs, and of course she’ll also receive regular physical exams. Learn more about how you can help Sassy stay healthy and energetic during her senior cat years.

Special Senior Cat Diet

You don’t want Sassy to get that rounded-belly look some senior cats acquire. On the other hand, you don’t want her to lose weight as she ages, either. To keep Sassy’s weight stable, your vet will pinpoint her nutritional needs and ask about your cat’s activity level. Using that information, he’ll design a senior cat diet that keeps Sassy nourished while minimizing the chances of weight fluctuations.

Closely track Sassy’s weight with a scale that highlights even tiny changes. If she suddenly drops weight, she could be developing a medical problem. Schedule a vet appointment without delay, as prompt diagnosis and treatment are important.

Daily Grooming Sessions

Sassy has always been proud to have her own personal groomer, as you’ve brushed her daily since she was a kitten. Besides gathering unruly hair that could result in hairballs, brushing stimulates Sassy’s skin and heightens her circulation, both leading to better coat health. If Sassy has disowned her scratching post, she’ll also need a careful nail trim. Finally, although Sassy doesn’t know it, you include a mini-physical exam in her brushing sessions. Feel for anything strange that could indicate a medical problem, and get your vet involved quickly if you find a red flag.

Stress Reduction Program

Sassy’s not interested in having stress in her life – period. To keep Sassy calm and happy, give her some extra love and care if you’re remodeling your home or otherwise disrupting her environment. If you’re planning a trip, ask a familiar neighbor, relative, or friend to keep Sassy in their home while you’re gone. Of course, honor Sassy’s request, and don’t introduce new pets into your home while Sassy’s the queen of the household.

While keeping Sassy healthy might require a little additional work, you want your cat to enjoy a wonderful quality of life in her golden years. When Sassy next visits her Beaverton vet, he’ll see a blissfully happy, spoiled-rotten cat who receives the absolute best of care.

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