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Meet Our Care Team

We love what we do! Our care team strives to go above and beyond to make both you and your pet feel welcome and comfortable, never rushed, and always heard. We want to become your trusted partner and the resource you turn to for all of your pet care needs.

Kelli Railey, CVT

Kelli Railey, Lead Veterinary Technician

Kelli’s animal-care career began when she interned at a local pet clinic, where she developed a fascination with animal medicine. After moving to Portland, she started working at a doggie daycare facility and later signed up for the Veterinary Technician program at Portland Community College. 

Shortly after beginning her studies, she came across an opening here at the clinic, and knew it was the perfect opportunity to supplement her schooling with real-world animal healthcare experience. Around the hospital, Kelli enjoys performing blood draws and studying samples under the microscope. 

Most of all, she enjoys meeting new pets every day and getting to be a first-hand witness to the incredible bonds between pets and their owners. When she isn’t studying or caring for pets here at the clinic, Kelli enjoys reading history, horseback riding, surfing, gaming, and spending time with her own pets. She has a Chihuahua named Tyson who is a true people-lover; a cat named Roo who adores Tyson; a chihuahua Kenny who was adopted from WCAS while in school; and a foster cat who goes by Shadow.


Olivia Burton, Veterinary Assistant

Olivia has been working in the veterinary medicine field for 6 years. Olivia is also a student and is studying human dentistry, her goal is to become an oral surgery technician by summer 2021.

When she is not at work she likes to spend her free time outside with her two dogs.


Paige Woodall, Lead Receptionist

Paige has been with Cornell Center Animal Hospital for five years. She has just recently finished beauty school to become a hair stylist, she is hoping to start that new career path by the summer of 2021.

When Paige isn’t at work, she enjoys spending her time with her family.


Angelina Cisneros, Social Media Liaison/Receptionist

Angelina recently moved to the Beaverton/Hillsboro area at the beginning of the year, she has lived in Oregon her whole life and loves it here. She is working on becoming a registered nurse because of her passion of helping others.

When Angelina is not at work she likes to garden, explore the PNW and spend time with family.

"I have been a customer for the last 12 years, and they have been absolutely wonderful and accommodating. I have NEVER had a bad experience."
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– Jim Simmons

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