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Ultrasound & Internal Medicine

How It Works:

Your primary care veterinarian will contact us to make the referral. The team at Cornell Center Animal Hospital will reach out to you for scheduling.

What to Expect:

  • Dr. Stephanie Wan will review your pet’s medical history. On the day of your appointment, a thorough physical examination and abdominal ultrasound will be performed.
  • If sedation is deemed appropriate or additional testing (e.g., sample collection) is recommended based on the abdominal ultrasound, Dr. Wan and her team will discuss these with you before proceeding.
  • A written summary, including your pet’s medical history, physical examination, ultrasound report, and follow-up recommendations will be provided to your primary care veterinarian within 48 hours of your visit. You and your veterinarian will discuss the results and plan for your pet’s continued care.


  • Ultrasound and Internal Medicine consult: $450.00
  • Sedation and additional diagnostics (e.g., sample collection) are an additional cost.

Contact Us

16155 NW Cornell Rd, Suite 800  Beaverton, Oregon 97006

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