Pain Management

Helping your pet live a comfortable life is as important to us as it is to you. When an animal is in pain, it can seriously diminish their quality of life. At Cornell Center Animal Hospital, we believe that it’s our duty, both as veterinary professionals and caring pet owners, to do whatever it takes to help ease the pain our patients may be experiencing and make life more pleasant for them.

We offer comprehensive pain management services to address whatever type of pain your pet may be experiencing. Our services are designed to handle acute pain, such as that which occurs due to an injury, sudden illness, or during/following surgery, as well as to manage the chronic pain associated with various medical conditions, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. We utilize a variety of different techniques and methods to address pain, and will tailor our approach to meet your pet’s specific needs.

We’ll also take the time to educate you on ways that you can help manage your pet’s pain at home, in between visits to our office. This may involve the use of certain medications, or the application of various therapies that are designed to reduce or eliminate pain altogether. Our goal is to not only treat your pet’s pain from a clinical standpoint, but to form a partnership with you with the shared goal of doing whatever it takes to help your animal companion live a more comfortable life.

If you suspect your pet is experiencing pain, don’t let them suffer another moment. Schedule a consultation with our office today!